Navigation Overview

Internet Advancement is a logical sequence of steps that takes you from login/registration to advancement report submittal.  Helpful reports including the current Unit Roster, the Unit Advancement Summary, and the draft report of ranks and awards being recorded are available.


If there is a youth member without an age in the unit roster, check the date of birth in the council record for possible correction. If the Unit Advancement Summary shows a rank, merit badge, or award with no date earned, the unit advancement processor may enter the valid date. The entered date will be an update and not a new entry.


Internet Advancement allows you to register once as a first time user and then to log in as a returning user to submit ranks and awards for your unit members.  


You will be able to add new ranks and awards to your member records and to update existing ranks and awards, should the earned date displayed be incorrect according to the unit’s records.


Tip:  If a rank, merit badge, or award has a date recorded but it was not earned by that member, you must contact the council to have this corrected. You cannot delete any record that comes from the council. You may update the entry if the item was earned but the date is incorrect.   If you have members with incomplete information such as missing ranks, you need to enter these ranks with the correct dates earned. All new entries will appear as new on the Advancement Report and the council will understand they are being submitted for the record. Certify that the information is correct by providing the signed report to the council.  You cannot enter the same item twice. If, for example, a member earns an Award multiple times, such as the Mile Swim, only the council may enter each date.


If the unit appoints a new unit processor, contact the council to reset the unit’s profile.  The new unit advancement processor registers as a first time user. The council can reset the profile if the current unit advancement processor wants to change information such as e-mail address or telephone.


Submitting Reports

Units set their own schedule for submitting reports. We recommend submitting a report every month.  


! Each December a final report with anything not already recorded for the year should be submitted before month end.


If you log out before you print a report, your data will be saved.  Additionally, Internet Advancement will dynamically return you to the Stage you were in when you left.  For example, if you have completed Stage 1 of the process, when you return, you will begin at Stage 2.


To enter advancements:

1. The unit eligible for Internet Advancement designates an adult member as the unit advancement processor.

2. The unit advancement processor gathers all the information needed for recording advancements.  

3. With the advancement information at hand, the unit advancement processor navigates to Internet Advancement via the council Web site.

4. In Internet Advancement, the unit advancement processor registers/logs in to Internet Advancement and follows the intuitive process. In Internet Advancement, the unit advancement processor will do the following:

Stage 1: Load Roster
Load the unit information from the council or upload an advancement file.

Stage 2: Update Member
Select the members you wish to update and insert new advancement information.  

Stage 3: Submit Report
Submit your unit's advancement information to the council. Then print the Advancement Report package that includes the Unit Awards Summary.  

5. After double-checking the information, the unit advancement processor submits the file to the council and prints the advancement report.

6. The appropriate people sign the advancement report, and the unit advancement processor or another unit adult sends the paperwork to the local council and obtains the insignia needed for youth members.