Check Roster - Stage Three

Stage Three - Check Roster allows the RP to do a final update on the charter renewal data and to submit the data for validation against BSA business rules.


To check the roster:

1. From the Check Roster page, the RP can select any of the four available links to alter the roster.

2. When the roster is complete, click Check Roster.

Result: Internet Rechartering validates the charter renewal roster data against BSA business rules. The Check Roster results page displays the results of the validation.

Note: If the charter renewal data does NOT conform to the BSA business rules, the check roster results page will inform the user and will dynamically create links that will help the user fix these violations.

There are two types of possible violations: errors and warnings.

Errors must be fixed or Internet Rechartering will not allow the process to proceed. If there are errors, Internet Rechartering will not display a Next Stage button.   

Warnings are also violations of BSA business rules, but the RP can override the objections. For example, if a youth member is “too old” for the program but is able to continue for an approved reason, disregard this warning.