Submit Roster and Print Charter Renewal Application - Stage Five

From the Submit Roster page, the RP can submit the charter renewal data to the council.

The RP gets only one chance to submit this information. Any changes that need to be made to any submitted information will have to be made by the council. You may cross out any incorrect information on the renewal application and print the correct information and inform the council.


To submit the roster and print the application:

1. Check the box on this page if your unit wishes to request and authorize the council to charge your unit deposit account for your charter renewal fees, providing that your unit has sufficient funds on deposit.

2. From the Submit Roster page, click Submit to Council.

Result: Charter renewal data is submitted to the council.

3. At the survey page, the RP can enter comments. Click Save.

4. At the prompt, click OK.

5. At the Congratulations screen, click Print Renewal Application.

 Result: The renewal application opens as a PDF file in a separate window.

6. Print the Unit Charter Renewal Report Package. Deliver to the council:

Note: In addition to the Charter Renewal Application, the printed report also includes a list of members who are new, transfers, promoted, multiples, no fees, and/or drops.

For simplicity, Internet Rechartering allows the RP to submit to the council only one time. After submitting, the only feature that the user has access to is the feature that prints the renewal application. This is available until the unit access window closes.

7. Print the Quality Unit Application if you need to complete this form for the council (it may already have been provided for your unit in a charter renewal packet).

8. Print the Annual Charter Agreement for executive office signature if this is requested by your council.

Note: The Quality Unit Application and Annual Charter Agreement are available to all unit types. Ships also may print the Standard Ship Scoresheet in addition to these forms.