Summary, Step 1: Update Fees - Stage Four

Update Fees gives an overview of the fees owed by each member of the unit. The fees include the Member Fee, the Boy’s Life subscription fee, and the total fee per member.


To update fees for the unit:

1. From the Update Fees page, the RP may review the final charter renewal data and make any last-minute changes. If the charter data is correct, click Summary.

 Result: The roster displays along with a summary of fees owed.

2. To update a fee or to subscribe to Boys’ Life, click the Update link next to the left of the name.

3. In the Update Fee Status dialog box, enter the updated information, and then click Save.

Note: The RP can mark a member as “Member paid in another unit.” In BSA terminology, this is marking the user as a “Multiple” in this unit.

Internet Rechartering automatically marks any multiple positions that a member may hold in a unit. For example, if a member is a Chartered Organization Representative and a Committee Member, Internet Rechartering will automatically mark the Committee Member position as Multiple “behind-the-scenes.” The RP will only have to mark the “Member paid in another unit” for those members who paid in another unit or in a council or district position in the same council.

4. When the roster is complete, click Next.

To indicate a member holds multiple positions:

Determine whether the two positions are within one unit or if the member holds positions in two separate units.


Does the member hold multiple positions in this unit?

If the member holds two paid positions in this unit, Internet Rechartering will dynamically take this into account. If a member is marked for two positions, you can see in the Fee Summary that the fee is only $10.


Is the member multiple because he is paying in another unit?

If yes, complete these steps:


1. Select Update to the left of the name.

2. Select Member Paid in Another Unit.

3. Click Unit and complete requested information.

4. Click Save.

Is the member multiple because he is paying in a council/district position?

If yes, complete these steps:

1. Select Update to the left of the name.

2. Select Member Paid in Another Unit.

3. Click Council and complete requested information.

4. Click Save.



To subscribe to Boys' Life:

To subscribe several people to Boys' Life from this unit, use the Update links on this page.


1. Click the Update button to the left of the member name.

2. Select the Boys’ Life check box.

3. Click Save.

To verify Boys' Life and check 100% Boys' Life recognition:

The RP clicks Boys' Life to verify and select 100% Boys' Life Recognition for the unit.   

For a pack, troop, or team to qualify as a 100% Boys’ Life Unit, it’s required that all unduplicated youth addresses receive Boys’ Life.  Click Update Fees by each person to subscribe to Boys' Life.

Clicking the Boys’ Life button will display all youth with unduplicated addresses in the unit who are not signed up for Boys' Life.

If the unit qualifies for the 100% unit recognition, check the box and click OK to finish.  If the system finds that the unit has automatically qualified, a message will display and the box will already be checked.

Note: When Update Fees is completed, the RP clicks Next Stage.  Internet Rechartering automatically looks to determine if the unit has the minimum number of paid youth members.  An error message will display if there are too few paid members.  This must be corrected in order to continue to Submit Roster.


If the unit has youth members who were not selected for renewal, the next function is the Membership Inventory, Summary Stage Step 2.  In this step the RP will select one reason for each member not renewed and answer the question regarding if contact was made with non-renewing members or their parents. If all youth members have been renewed, there is no Step 2 and the RP is at Submit Roster.