Update Roster - Stage Two

Once the roster is loaded from PAS, the user can make the changes for the next year. The first page of the Update Roster stage is a listing of the steps needed to make the updates.


To update the roster:

1. At the Update Roster page, click Next.

2. At the Update Charter Information page, update these fields, as needed:

Note: To choose the country code or state code from a list, click the magnifying glass to the right of the text fields. The address format changes if the user enters a different country code.

- Click Next.

3. At the Select Members for Renewal page, the current roster for the unit is displayed.  All members are automatically selected. You must clear the check box to deselect a member.

- Select the members who will be in the renewed unit. Click Next.

- At the confirmation screen, click Next.

Note: Initially, only members from the current roster are displayed, but as members are added to the roster through Internet Rechartering, they will also appear on this page.

4. At the Promote Members page, you can promote members on your roster.

- To promote a members, click Promote. See Promote Members.

- If you do not want to promote a member, click Next Step.

5. At the Add New Member (Adult) page, you can add new adult members to your roster.

- To add a new adult, click New Adult. See Add New Member (Adult).

- If you do not want to add a new adult, click Next.

Note: If you want to add a Tiger Cub adult for a youth who is already in the unit, add them here using the New Adult procedure. Tiger Cub adults are typically added as part of the procedure for adding a Tiger Cub Youth. If this is what you want to do, do not add the Tiger Cub adult until you add the Tiger Cub youth.  

6. At the Add New Member (Youth) page, you can add a new youth member to your roster.

- To add a new youth, click New Youth. See Add New Member (Youth).

- If you do not want to add a new youth, click Next.

7. At the Update Member Data screen, every adult and youth member of the unit is listed.

- To update contact information for a member, click Update to the left of the memberís name.

Result: The Update screen appears. Make the necessary changes to the information, and then click Update. See Add New Member (Adult) or Add New Member (Youth) for more details.

- To remove a member from the list, click Remove to the left of the member's name.

Result: The member is removed from the roster. The data is saved in Internet Rechartering should the RP choose to add the person back to the charter. The RP can add the member back to the charter by using the Select Members for Renewal page.

- Click Next.

7. At the Update Member Position screen, you can double-check that a unit has all the required adult positions filled before getting to the validation step.


To modify an adultís position:

1. Click Update to the left of the adultís name.

Result: The Update Position dialog box appears.

2. Select a new position from the drop-down menu, and then click Save. A position may be removed entirely by inserting the blank line at the top of the menu.  Although up to six positions may be entered, it is rare for this to be permitted by BSA rules as most adults may serve in only one position.

- Click Next.


 Note: The scorecard on the right side of the page is dynamic. The required positions will change based on the youth in each unit.

Internet Rechartering will display a red error message if all required positions are not filled. The user must supply an adult for that position to proceed to the next stage.