Upload Recharter File

After the RP has logged in, the dynamic home page appears. This home page will change depending on how many steps of the process are left incomplete. The first time the user logs in, the home page will list all the steps in the process.


To upload the recharter UMS file:

1. At the home page, click Begin.

2. At the Load Roster Welcome page, click Upload Recharter File.

Important: Once the user has selected a method for loading the roster, he or she cannot go back and use the other method for loading the roster without having the council reset the unit. If at a later time the unit would like to purge its UMS data, the RP must call the council to reset the unit.

3. At the Upload Recharter File page, click Browse. In the dialog box, locate and select the UMS file, and click Open. Back at the UMS File Upload page, click Verify File.

Result: Internet Rechartering will verify the UMS recharter file is the approved version and data format.

4. Review the charter information to ensure the information is correct. Click Continue. At the next screen, click Next Step.

5. At the Identify New Members screen, select the check box next to the new members of the unit. Click Next Step.

6. At the Match Renewing Members screen, Internet Rechartering will present the names in the UMS file that you have not yet identified as new, but that do not match perfectly with existing members.

If a member is new, click Member is New.

If a member is renewing, select the member on the right, and click Match.

7. Click Next Stage.

Note: If there is an error at file uploading, please note the error message you receive. It might be necessary to create a new recharter file. Be careful to follow the instructions provided by the UMS vendor on how to do this.  If difficulty continues, contact the user support for the UMS vendor who sells and maintains your software and ask for assistance.  If the file was uploaded successfully and an error occurs during member matching, please contact the council.