Internet Rechartering Overview

Internet Rechartering is a Web-based software application designed to make the unit charter renewal process more efficient and accurate.

For a step-by-step explanation, consult the Internet Rechartering tutorial.

The Internet Rechartering tutorial is a step-by-step explanation of how to use the Internet Rechartering system. It includes screen captures and examples. We recommend that users take the tutorial before using Internet Rechartering.


What are the benefits of Internet Rechartering?

There are two key benefits from using Internet Rechartering:


These benefits are two sides of the same coin. When the unit does data entry for charter renewal this leads to more accurate member data (because a unit member is entering the information) and ensures data integrity. The council will need to double-check and reconcile the submitted Internet Rechartering data before posting it to the council in ScoutNET PAS (Program Administration System).

What do users need to use Internet Rechartering?

Internet Rechartering was designed to accommodate the widest variety of users without a need for specific training. The users of Internet Rechartering should have a basic knowledge of Boy Scouts of America terminology and familiarity with a computer and the World Wide Web. Internet Rechartering contains an optional tutorial that will walk users through each step.


Internet Rechartering will require that the user have access to a computer with a 56 KB or faster Internet connection and a browser that is IE 5.5 or greater.

What can I NOT do in Internet Rechartering?

Internet Rechartering is only for charter renewal. New charters cannot be established through Internet Rechartering.


Internet Rechartering does not permit changing the district, chartered organization name, or unit expiration date. These changes may only be made by the council.


Internet Rechartering uses person records from the council’s data. The record for one person must never be changed to that of another person. Names may be corrected to ensure the proper names are used and to correct misspellings, but for no other reason.


In most cases, the name information provided from council data should not be changed. The Unit Charter Renewal Report Package includes a Name Change report. The Name Change report contains name changes and a reminder that one person’s record may not be changed with another person’s information.


Internet Rechartering is for traditional units only—Packs, Troops, Teams, Crews, and Ships.

What are the steps in the Internet Rechartering process?

The unit renewal processor (RP), the person who is renewing the unit's charter, follows the process on the secure Internet site to create a charter renewal file. The RP provides Internet Rechartering with the data necessary to create the file in a series of intuitive steps.


To renew a unit's charter:


1. The unit eligible for Internet Rechartering designates an adult member as the RP.

2. The RP gathers all the information needed for a traditional charter renewal (e.g., new applications, fees, data of which adults are holding which paid positions, etc.).

3. With the charter renewal information at hand, the RP navigates to Internet Rechartering via the council Web site.

4. In Internet Rechartering, the RP registers/logs in to Internet Rechartering and follows the intuitive process. Fundamentally, the process requires the RP to:

a. Load Council Information—Use the council's unit information.


Upload Recharter File—Upload the file created in third-party, unit-management software (UMS) to create the initial work-in-progress roster.

b. Update the Roster—Update charter information, select which current members to renew on next year's roster, promote members, add adult members, add youth members, update member data, and update member positions.

c. Check the Roster—Validate that the data to be submitted conforms to BSA rules.

d. Update Member Fees – update fees (e.g., assign “Multiple” status) and sign up unit members for Boys' Life.

5. After double-checking the information, the RP submits the file to the council and prints the Internet Rechartering Unit Charter Renewal Report package.

6. The RP sends the paperwork and fees to the local council for processing.


Updated: 1 October 08